So You Want to Make Your Own Website?

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Have you ever wanted to make your own website that generates income - or perhaps you just want to share your photos, recipes or ideas on your very own website?

If the thought of your own site is exciting, but you wouldn't know where to start, browse this site for everything you need to know.

We're here to tell you that it can be done, even if you know nothing about the internet, websites, coding, etc. You'll find instructions, tips, and resources that will show you how to make your own website.

Start with the planning stage, and learn what ideas you can use and why. Once you've selected your idea, you'll learn how to build your site, and even what SEO strategies to use for getting your website found via the search engines.

You'll learn what not to do, what questions to ask yourself before you start, and even suggestions for monetizing your site.

If you have ever contemplated making your own website, then it will be worth a few minutes to look around, as you find information on all aspects of building your own website.

New content is constantly being added, so click on the subscribe button (or RSS) on the left to make sure you are aware of each new tip, suggestion or topic to help you make your own website.

Not sure where to start - Begin Here.

Plan Your Website
Learn how to research, organize and define the necessary steps to plan your website effectively, and to begin building a successful website.
Build Your Own Website
Learn how easy it really is to build your own website. With today's software services, you can make your own website in less than a day.
Make Money From Website - Ideas and Suggestions
Ideas, suggestions and steps that show you how to make money from website content, advertising, links, and much more.
Market My Website - Techniques and tips for promoting your website
Market My Website - Techniques and tips for promoting your website, building traffic and getting found by the search engines.
Make-My-Website Blog
The Make My Website Blog keeps you up to date with all additions and changes made to the site. Subscribe here.
Other Helpful Links
Links to other resources that can be helpful in your website creation process.
Articles About Creating Your Own Website
Additional Articles About Creating Your Own Website
SEO Content - Using content for high page ranking
Learn how SEO Content can drive your web pages to the top of Organic Search Results.
Build an Opt In List
Learn how to build an opt in list - a valuable and profitable asset to augment your website's profitability.
What is the best autoresponder for you?
What is the Best Autoresponder? The top 4 are outlined and compared to help you decide which is best for you.
Free Website Downloads
Free Website Downloads that provide helpful resources to the novice webmaster.
Free Website eBook Download
Get your free website eBook which includes all of the content on this website plus many more examples, resources,tips and suggestions.