Does the Thought of Building Your Own Website Make You Cringe?

Years ago, this could've been the case. However, today there are many products that make it very, very easy to build your own website, without any coding, or internet knowledge.

I have built quite a few websites, and have used HTML coding, open source softwares, and a couple of "do-it-yourself" website building softwares.

While each approach has it's pros and cons, there is one software that stands above the rest.

This software "Process" absolutely, positively has more features and functionality than all of the others combined...especially if you are a website NOVICE. And, yes, the word "Process" is the right word.

All of the steps, decisions, research tools, questions to ask, etc. are documented in a repeatable proven process that anyone can follow.

If you don't want to piecemeal your site together, and wonder if you picked the right URL, or don't really know what keywords to use, then you need to look into this "Process".

I will warn you, however, that the steps (when followed correctly) will take some time. You can anticipate almost 1 week of time in the planning phase, before you even begin to build your website, but its worth it.

I will also tell you that you will NOT be disappointed with the results. When you are finished, you will have a website that:

  • Has the correct URL
  • Is keyword focused
  • Contains relevant and interesting content
  • Is found and liked by the search engines
  • Has multiple monetization sources
  • Will generate revenues for years to come

Every piece of the website building puzzle is provided.

One last caution...if you want to learn more, take the time to learn as much as you can about this "Process" - You'll be glad you did.

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