Build an Opt In List

And Create Long-Term Profitability

There are many ways to build an opt in list. Its not necessarily important which one(s) you choose, but that you begin as soon as possible.

As mentioned on the Opt In Page, the creation of such a list is invaluable to the long-term profitability of your website.

There are many techniques, and methods to build an opt in list. Some cost money, while others are free. Whether you choose to offer something in return for a visitor's contact information, or just have a "signup" page is up to you.

Maybe you'll use online articles to build your list. Some websites will funnel all links and pages to a "squeeze page" where all you want is their contact information. Others will just have a small "subscribe here" box.

Regardless of how you approach your list building, just do it.

Tip: NEVER ever mislead a subscriber. Be sure to give them whatever it is that you offer. If you tell them you won't share or sell their contact information then don't. One sure way to undermine the value of your list (and your credibility) is to lie, mislead or not deliver.

Quantity vs. Quality

You can choose to build your list quickly with lots of subscribers, or slowly with well-targeted, quality subscribers.

For example, if you want to build an opt in list quickly, you can offer 3 free eBooks, and a $10 Amazon coupon to anyone who signs up. This will result in lots of subscribers, but they might not be very engaged, or pre-sold on your website, and not too interested in what you may offer in the future.

On the other extreme, you can just have a small "Subscribe Here" box that requests their contact information, so that they can receive your newsletter. This subscriber will tend to be more interested, engaged, and more likely to buy from your future promotions.

Your value ultimately lies with the quality of your list. Keep this in mind as you build it. There are also some additional techniques that you can incorporate to help provide some quality checks before your subscribers are added.

Validating Email Addresses

One important yet sometimes overlooked Quality-assurance task is to verify email addresses of your subscribers. This should especially be done if you are attracting your subscribers via a "free offering".

One method of eliminating "typos" in email addresses is to ask for their email address two times, and compare them (make sure to turn the pre-fill option off for your text box). If they match, its usually safe to assume that they typed their email correctly. This, technique, however does not handle the "fake" email address.

Double Opt In is a term that has been given to a technique that forces the subscriber to validate their email address. The process is started with a subscriber entering their contact info. An Autoresponder will send them a welcome email which contains a link back for verification. Once the verification link is clicked, their subscription is validated and only then are they added to your Opt In list database.

This technique can potentially be a turn off for some subscribers, as some feel that "I already gave you permission when I filled in the information and hit Subscribe." However, this verification also helps you avoid Spamming, which is an illegal activity.

Spamming can also be avoided by using a reputable Autoresponder, or Email Marketing company.

Autoresponders - Do I really need one?

Autoresponders send emails to your subscribers automatically.

It is hard to build an opt in list without an autoresponder. Your autoresponder is linked to your subscription box. When a subscriber enters their information and then hits "submit", the information is sent to the autoresponder to perform the first task which you have setup - usually a verification email sent to the subscriber.

Other uses for the autoresponder include:

  • Setup a series of compelling messages to encourage your subscribers to buy your products
  • Create and send an ezine or newsletter emailed daily, weekly, monthly or as often as you like
  • You can use your autoresponder to periodically "stay in touch" with your opt in list, so you keep your brand fresh in their minds.
  • Send updates regarding new website content, contests, product lines, etc.

Uses are only limited by your imagination.

Autoresponders are often available with your all-inclusive-website software.

There are also other reputable companies which offer autoresponders with many additional features that will make your email marketing more effective.

To see a comparison of the top Autoresponders, click below:

The Best Autoresopnders

List Building Techniques

Some tips and suggestions to help you build an opt in list:

1. Create an eBook with valuable content, and give it away free to new subscribers. Provide a link in your eBook for subscriber signup and tell your subscriber that they can email your eBook to whomever they'd like.

2. Create a landing page that is dedicated to building your list. If you're offering a newsletter for signup, provide links to prior newsletters, highlight the benefits your subscriber will receive, etc.

3. Write articles to help build your credibility and put links to your subscription landing page in your article Resource Box.

4. Join relevant Forums and contribute to the conversation. Include a link to your landing page in your signature box.

5. Put your Subscription Box on every page of your site, "above the fold."

Pick one of these strategies and begin to build an opt in list today. You can always add other strategies later. The important thing is to start building right away.

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