"Discover How To Easily Design and Build Your Own Website that is Monetized and Optimized to Generate Income..."


Learn What is Needed to Get Started Building Your Own Website Today.

So you have an idea for a website:

  • you've created an amazing portfolio that you want to share or -
  • you've decided to package and sell your own "Hot Sauce" or -  
  • you've found an affiliate product that you would like to promote or -
  • you've made the decision to share your knowledge about a specific niche with the world.

But there's one problem...

You don't have any idea how to get started.

Sure you could pay someone else to build it, but why?  That could cost you thousands of dollars.

The simple truth is this -- today's software packages have made building your own website easier than ever.

That's why we created this special eBook, entitled:

Build Your Own Website

A Complete Guide for the Novice


Here's just some of the things you'll discover in this eBook:

How to validate your website concept to see what the supply and demand are for your idea 
Many ways and little known tactics to generate traffic to your site -- and they're all free!
Build your own website checkmarkWhat it means to register a URL, and where you can go to do it
How to determine which power keywords you should use to promote your site
Getting exposure to your site using FREE social media tactics
Why your content is the key to your site's success 
What an Opt-In List is and why it is critical that you have one 
How to monetize your site with many options to diversify your revenue streams 
Dropshipping plugins which allow you to sell products without inventory or shipping headaches
A simple way to add thousands of products to your website
Hundreds of resource links to other companies offering the services you need
Using an autoresponder to increase traffic to your site, and increase customer conversions
How a few articles you write can drive you to first page search results
Learn which companies give you everything you need to register, build and host your site...for less than $10/month.
See how affiliate progarms can boost your revenues 
Learn the secret that will let the search engines know everything about your website, and its layout.


Plus much, much more!


Just Imagine What You Can Do With a Website

If you have a site, you can begin to earn passive income.

If you have a product, you can now generate more sales.

You can reach millions of potential customers 24/7 - make money while you're sleeping...really.

Leverage new monetization techniques that add to your bottom line.

You can share your interest or knowledge with other visitors and get paid for doing it.


Think about the possibilities...

How Much Is This All Worth To You?

You can download your copy of this special report for just $27.00 $9.97!

That's less than you'd pay for two-three servings of coffee!

It's a no-brainer. Use the tactics and resources explained in this eBook to begin building your website today. 

You can have your site up and running in less than 1/2 a day. 

What do you have to lose? You want your own website, right? You probably spent more than that on your lunch today. 

There's only one thing left for you to do....


Claim Your Copy Right Now!

YES,  I'd like to download this eBook instantly and start building my own website tonight!

Retail price: $27.00

Yours Today For Just $9.97

You'll be able to download this report instantly,
even if it's 2AM on a Saturday.



Purchase Your Copy Of this Complete Guide To Building Your Own Website

This complete blueprint instantly unlocks everything  you need to build your own website.  But it doesn't stop there:

See how to layout and plan your website for optimal visitor and search engine "enjoyment"

Learn how to identify high profit Keywords

Identify many new monetization techniques to augment your core business offering

See the secrets to getting the search engines to like, visit and highly rank your site


This eBook is so much more than just how to build your website.  When you're finished reading , you won't even need the help of so-called SEO experts. You'll learn all you need to know to get your site on the first page of the search engines.

You'll be able to find thousands of affiliate programs, drop shipping companies that will ship any product you can dream of, and much more.

This eBook is packed with all of the resources you could possibly need to build an amazing and functional site.

There are literally hundreds of links to resources that can help you build your site.  Having all of those resources in one place alone is worth $9.97.

Get started today.  Don't waste another minute. 

Claim Your Copy Right Now!

YES,  I'd like to download this eBook instantly and start building my own website tonight!

Retail price: $27.00

Yours Today For Just $9.97

You'll be able to download this report instantly,
even if it's 2AM on a Saturday.




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