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Content Editors are not what they used to be.

The simplest websites are built using a language called HTML. In the 'old days' you needed to know how to write HTML code to create a site. Now all of this conversion can be performed by the new softwares, which convert your content into HTML code.

Most build-your-own website software provide this conversion as well as templates, plug and play site elements such as video, photos, blogs, etc. Typically you just drag and drop, fill out some property fields, and there you have it - a Photo Album, or Blogging section of your site.

They also have numerous ready-made templates which provide your background, colors, etc.

If you have no coding background, then you should consider using an All-Inclusive Software. These softwares include every aspect of the web building process, from URL registration to hosting.

HTML Editor Links

There are many FREE HTML Editors for your use:

There are also more robust HTML or Content Editing Softwares that do require purchase. It is worth noting that these vendors also offer web design services as well.

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