Find Affiliates - Where Should You Look?

There are a couple of ways to find affiliates, or companies that offer an affiliate program.

If you want to become an affiliate or promote/sell another company's product, you can start by going to their website.

Search for "Affiliate" - to search for a term within the text of a given webpage either look under the Edit Menu for find/search, or press CTRL-F at the same time.

Many times, you can find affiliate links at the bottom of the webpages - see diagram below:

Find Affiliates Link - Bottom of Page

If you can't find "Affiliate" in your search, consider also the following terms:

  • Referral Program
  • Partner or Partner Program
  • Reseller

If you are still unable to find out if your merchant offers an affiliate program, you can email them, call them, or look into some of the bigger Affiliate Program Management companies.

Affiliate Program Managers

There are companies that have formed to manage the Affiliate Relationship between Merchant and Publisher/Advertiser.

Such companies manage all aspects of the relationship, from the signup to the check being sent to you. They have arisen to fill a niche which provides ease of use, convenience, single source management, performance reporting, etc.

If you're still searching to see if you can become an affiliate for your favorite product, you can search for the Merchant at these Affiliate Managers sites. You will find affiliates that you weren't even looking for.

There are search capabilities available, and most allow you to filter your searches to levels you probably won't even understand...yet.

Let's take a look at some of the more well-known Affiliate Program Managers in the next section.

Top Affiliate Program Managers - APM's

Before we jump into the APM's, let me caution you about something. Once you begin to look around at all of the Merchants that are represented, and just how many products and services you can promote...slow down, and remember why you came.

Your mind will probably begin to race - "Wow, I can get paid for promoting products at Home Depot!?" Or, "I'm going to build a website, and put every possible banner that I can on it, and I'll be making money hand over fist."

If it were that easy, everyone would be doing it. While affiliate programs are a nice way to earn income, they really need to fit into a business plan, or augment your main service offering. But I digress, let's look at the big players.

All offer the same basic services. The main difference among all of them is in the Merchants that they represent. If you don't find your preferred Merchant in one, check in another.

This technique will allow you to find affiliates that you didn't even know existed.

AffiliateBot - Also offers your own blog and website/public profile where you can promote whatever you want. A small but very nice added feature.

ClickBank - One of the first Affiliate Management Programs - offers a lot of niche products.

LinkShare - Offers more of the larger Merchants like Macy's, Apple, etc.

Share a Sale - Offers almost 3000 Merchants to choose from.

Commission Junction - Offers nearly 2000 Merchants from small companies to larger and well-known.

LinkConnector - Offers a rapidly growing number Top 500 Internet Retailers.

ClickXchange - Advertising tools, and "no minimum" account balance before monthly payout.

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