Make Your Own Website Resources

Links for many "make your own website" resources can be found below. Feel free to bookmark this page, as you'll want to reference it often as you go through your building process.

All-Inclusive Website Builders

Network Solutions


Homestead by Intuit


Affiliate Programs

AffiliateBot - Also offers your own blog and website/public profile where you can promote whatever you want. A small but very nice added feature.

ClickBank - One of the first Affiliate Management Programs - offers a lot of niche products.

LinkShare - Offers more of the larger Merchants like Macy's, Apple, etc.

Share a Sale - Offers almost 3000 Merchants to choose from.

Commission Junction - Offers nearly 2000 Merchants from small companies to larger and well-known.

LinkConnector - Offers a rapidly growing number Top 500 Internet Retailers.

ClickXchange - Advertising tools, and "no minimum" account balance before monthly payout.

Drop Shipping Companies

Drop Ship Design Offers a full service drop shipping soulution. From just products, to a Turnkey website with domain registration, hosting, email and a ready to go Storefront.

Simplx Supplier only - 60,000,000 products to include in your ecommerce site, or through your eBay store. Simplx is very well-known, with high customer satisfaction. You must fill out an application to be approved.

WorldWide Brands A very professional site. Includes many training materials, with excellent research capabilities for drop ship products.

Drop Shipping Wholesalers Supplier only – Offering brand name products, some educational how-to, and a 56 day money back guarantee.

Doba USA Only - Supplier only - Connects you to 100+ wholesale distributors via one site. You have access to all of their product lines. 10 day free trial. Also offers eBay setup and training.

Payment Processing


eGoods Resources

Selling eGoods can be a great way to generate "hands-off" income. Some helpful resources are listed below:

Payloadz is a company that offers digital download management. If you want to sell an eGood, you should consider opening an account with Payloadz.

ClickBank is an Affiliate Program Manager which specializes in digital products. If you want to increase your sales, consider selling your eGood through their Affiliate Program.

Autoresponders - Email Marketing

There are many companies which offer Autoresponders with many additional features that will make your email marketing even more effective. Some of the more widely used Autoresponders are listed below:

  • AWeber - marketing software to help small businesses automate email follow up and email newsletter delivery. Free Trial.

  • iContact – email marketing software with tools, templates, tracking reports, etc. Free Trial.

  • Get Response – automated email marketing with templates, surveys, analytics, etc.

  • Constant Contact – email marketing, templates, surveys, tools, etc. Free Trial.

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