Linkedin Marketing

Tactics, Tips and Techniques

Linkedin Marketing is another means of leveraging the ever-growing Social Mediasphere.

Linkedin is primarily a professional networking site. As of October, 2009, there were over 50 million registered users.

Some Marketing Tactics are listed below:

1. Complete your profile as thoroughly as possible, including interests, avatar and all of your business contact information.

2. Connect with as many business associates as you know, as they will help you connect with others.

3. Answer questions, gain credibility and trust.

4. Use the Forums and comment as much as possible. Be sure your comments are useful, and not just there.

5. Be sure to link to your Linkedin profile from your other social media sites.

6. Include your website URL in your company profile.

7. Remember this is a professional site. Be careful who you choose as friends. You want to maintain your professional image. Leave the casual relationships to the other social sites.

8. Ask others for advice - this is a professional group that has expertise. You could learn a lot.

9. Compliments, praise and "Thank You's" are a good way to build your image.

10. Utilize the Answers tool. You want to build credibility and trust.

11. In your profile, make sure to enable the "show website" feature.

12. Enable the Indexed option, so that your page can be found by the search engines.

13. Ask others for their opinion on your website. This will generate traffic and possibly some areas to improve.

14. Be professional at all times. Make sure you check spelling and grammar.

Linkedin Marketing is a great way to make a positive impression of you and your website amongst the professional community.

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