I Want to Market My Website...But Don't Know How.

"I want to Market My Website, but don't know who to believe". There are thousands of web pages and opinions on how best to promote your website. If you spend time researching this topic, you will find some really outlandish suggestions, many "latest, ultimate, secret and guaranteed" solutions; and some grounded, general consensus.

We will present the foundational approaches that should be considered regardless of whatever new-found technique you'd like to pursue.

Everyone has heard the term "Search Engine Optimization, or SEO". It is the concept of getting your site to rank highly among Search Engines, so that it is found near the top of the list of returned searches - called an Organic Search result.

"Isn't SEO all I need to market my website effectively?", many will ask. While SEO is extremely important, there are many other means of promoting your website. In addition to direct exposure and increase in visibility, some activities will also help with the underlying SEO of your site as well.

Generally speaking there are three key attributes that help determine your site's ranking - Content, Inbound Links and Proper Website Structure.

SEO is discussed in more detail on our SEO page. For now, it is important to know that Organic Search results are important to your long term success.

Techniques That Build WebsiteTraffic

I have successfully used all of the following techniques to Market My Website:

Lots of Great Content - Creating lots of content-rich webpages is probably the most effective long-term marketing effort you can undertake. While not the quickest way to generate traffic, it is key to a long-term and sustainable ROI on your other marketing efforts.

Article Submission - Writing content-rich and value-based articles can be a great way to generate targeted traffic to your site. There are hundreds of FREE article sites to which you can submit your articles.

Directory Submission - There are many directory sites (paid and free) on the web. You should submit your website URL to as many as you have time for, as the Search Engines crawl these directories, and this can give your site credibility.

Blogging - Creating a blog with good content can also be a way to build website traffic. If you create a blog on your website, and allow others to comment, then you're now leveraging others to build your site content.

Search Engine Marketing Companies - If you don't have time, there are many companies that offer Marketing services.

Longtail Keywords - Longtail keywords are keyword phrases that include your base keyword. They typically contain 4+ keywords, and can be very effective at generating good Organic Search results.

Pay-per-Click Campaigns - Along with Google, there are many ad services which you can utilize to create Pay-per-click Ads to build website traffic. If you have the budget for this, it can be good way to jump start your website marketing with targeted visitors.

Social Network Marketing - Leveraging today's Social Media or Web 2.0 networks to promote your website has become increasingly more popular, and more important to the success of one's internet marketing plan.

Some additional tips and techniques for specific Social Networks can be found below:

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