Lets Make Money from Website Ideas

Even if you've decided to build a website that sells a product or service, there are other ways to make money from website advertising, partnerships, links, etc.

You should diversify and utilize as many monetization techniques as possible to create additional revenue streams.

While making money from your website may be your goal, you have to remember your visitor. Do NOT create monetization channels in exchange for a poor visitor experience.

For example, we've all been to those sites that have flash ads, moving banners, talking people who walk across your screen, Google Adwords on every other paragraph, right? Need I say more?

Let's look at some ways to make money from website ideas.

Website Monetization Options

There are many creative ways to generate income via a website. Some are very obvious, while others blend in to your pages. Some techniques could generate revenue without your visitor even being aware.

Listed below is a summary of ideas to help make money from your website. Note that there are many suggestions below, not all of which will fit your website model. The list is more to make you aware of some of the possibilities that you may not have known about.

  • Google Adsense Ads - You define an area on your webpage for GoogleAds.  Google inserts ads automatically related to your page content.  You get paid when visitors click on links.
  • Google Adsearch - Works in concert with Adsense, and allows users to search Google from your site.
  • Affiliate Marketing - You sell or promote someone else's product or service and get paid a commission based on any sales, or sometimes leads that you originate.
  • Referrals - A prearranged relationship is setup between you and another vendor.  You get paid for referring customers - i.e. You refer visitors to a hotel, they book a room, you get paid a finder's fee.
  • Create an Opt In List - Collect contact information for visitors to your site, so that you can market to them directly via email, in the future.
  • Sell Hard Goods - Setup a storefront to sell products
  • Sell Hard Goods - Drop Shipper - Setup a storefront that sells products from a Drop Shipper - they handle fulfillment of your visitors' orders
  • Sell eGoods - Provide a download area for eBooks, eAudio, eVideo, etc.
  • eBay - Create and host your own eBay storefront
  • Membership - Charge a fee to become a member.
  • Joint Venture - Develop an agreement with another vendor in which you share the proceeds from sales. 
  • Sell Advertising - Define area(s) on your website where you display ads from other merchants, or your own affiliate programs.
  • Donations - If your website is purely informational, you might consider requesting donations.

Website Monetization Tips

You should resist the urge to slap every possible money-making channel on your website. While it is wise to diversify your income channels, you have to remember the importance of your "Look and Feel".

Your visitor's experience is almost as important as your income. It should go without saying that "without more visitors, you have no income."

Informational Websites

If you have an information-only website, you should not even consider ways to make money from website visitors until you have sufficient traffic.

Your visitor traffic should be established, and warranted based on what they are getting from your content. Without a good demand for your information, you run the risk of turning away customers if you adversely affect their experience with too much monetization.

When you do introduce various money-making techniques, do it slowly. Start with contextual links. Embed affiliate links as part of your content. For example let's say you have a site about natural products that promote good health, and you have a section that discusses coffee:

"Despite the conflicting reports that coffee is bad for your health, it has been proven to..."

Note the "coffee" link. This link will take the visitor to a site that offers coffees, and accessories, which could result in affiliate income for the website owner if someone purchases the product.

The Important note is how this technique is unobtrusive, and should not turn off your visitors. They can choose to ignore the link, or click it if they are interested.

Of course this is just one suggestion. Use your creativity to formulate other ways to make money with website content. Perhaps you can create a top 10 list of resources, or for additional information, click here...

Test and Measure

As with all aspects of your website, measurement is important.

After introducing various monetization aspects, you should monitor their effectiveness - for two reasons.

First, if one technique is working better than the others, see if you can incorporate it on more pages, or in more places.

Secondly, if a revenue-channel is not performing you should either make tweaks or changes to improve it's success rate, or remove it. Of course, you can consider replacing it with one that is performing better, if you don't detract from your visitor's experience.

While this may seem obvious, it is important to continue to refine your different methods to make money from website techniques.

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