Your Opt In List

The Value Lies Beneath

An Opt In list is typically a group of visitors that have taken the option to be included. Those who Opt In give their permission for you to send them emails, newsletters, or whatever else you divulged when they became a "member".

Creating an Opt In list is a great way to provide value to your visitor, while increasing the visibility and profitability of your website.

The future value of your list will potentially outweigh the value of your website.

Why Should You Create an Opt In List?

Your list is very likely the most valuable piece of your website.

Visitors come to your site for a purpose - to learn, to share, to buy, etc. Some visitors are more valuable than others. Those who perform your "call to action" (buy, share, refer, etc.) are more valuable than those who don't. If you can identify and keep track of these high-value visitors, then you've just created potential future earnings.

Let's explore the value of your list.

To become part of your Opt In list, a visitor has done the following:

  • Shown interest in your site, or what you have to offer Provided you with contact information
  • Given you permission to contact them in some way in the future.

By doing these things, your visitor has become a "warm lead". They are pre-sold, and ready for you to convert into a sale, or another future sale.


Most Opt In visitors have shown trust in you or your site, or they would not have given you their contact information. NEVER break this trust, as this is the foundation of your list.

Trust not only allows you to build your list, but it also allows you to successfully convert your leads in your future messages. If you send an email that promotes a "spammy", hyped product to your list of professionals, chances are they will be turned off, and your credibility and trust could be lost. Always consider how your message could affect your list's trust level.

As you build your list, you are creating a database of pre-sold, interested customers. There is huge value in such a database, when used properly, and not abused. Some specific reasons to create a list include:

  • Storing and Tracking interested, pre-sold visitors - a very valuable asset
  • Allowing you to keep in contact, and thus keep your leads "warm" through newsletters, special offer emails, etc.
  • Providing you the ability to offer a new product or service to a very targeted audience
  • If you don't, then that visitor has come and gone, and may never return to your site again
  • Gives you the potential of actively marketing to a target audience unlike your website's passive marketing opportunity.
  • Some visitors don't buy on their first visit - gives you the ability to continue the sales process
  • Cross-selling and up-selling now become options

Opt-In Summary

As you build your list, and begin to use it, remember that you are creating a Relationship with your list members. Every "touch" or communication with them affects this relationship.

Like other relationships, this one is fragile, and can be affected forever by one bad email. Your trust and credibility is on the line with every email you send.

If you focus on trust and credibility when building and using your Opt In list, it will become your greatest asset, and will provide you the means of increasing your sales over the long-term.

Begin building your opt in list today.

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