Learn How to Plan Your Website

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Plan your website with the some simple suggestions and tools.

Getting started is always the hardest part. We will give you the outline and resources needed to begin the process of defining,and planning your website. As with most projects, the planning of your website is perhaps the most important step, and often the most difficult.

The general steps that will help you plan your website are:

Website Ideas - Find Your Niche

If you already have an idea for your website, then you can skip this section.

Before you can begin to define your website, you need to know what it is going to be about. I know this seems obvious, but its important to be focused and not to create a website that does not have a central or focused theme. This becomes very important when you begin to promote your site.

Ideally, you want to find an area of interest that fills a niche demand. Small to medium demand niches are usually the best.

If you don't have any website ideas, then take some time to brainstorm and and jot down some of your thoughts. To help with this, we have provided some links which might help:

What Type of Website Do You Want?

Simply put, there are two different types of websites:

  • Informational Websites
  • Selling Websites

However, there are many hybrid sites that mix the two models effectively with other elements such as blogs, forums, etc.

You may only want to create an informational site that allowsyou to share your recipes with others, and maintain a blogabout homemade marinades. You should be aware that there are numerous Monetization Ideas that you can incorporate into your site with minimal effort. The beauty of these income sources is that they can generate revenue without any effort.

TIP - Not sure what type of site you'd like? Search the internet for keywords related to your website concept to see what others have done with it.

Click Here for More Ideas

Validate Demand for Your Website Concept

Before you jump into building your own website, it is importantto understand the demand associated with your website idea.

One simple way to see if there is demand, is to look atkeywords, and how many people are searching for your concept keywords. Again, generally speaking, the more searches, the more demand.

NOTE: You only need to be concerned with keyword demand if you want your site to be found via the search engines. Most do, so you should consider your keywords when planning your website.

Validate Your Website Concept - Determine Keyword Demand

Website Layout

Begin thinking about how you'd like to layout your website. Find other sites that you like, and see how they are arranged, and what elements they have that you would also like.

Your Website Layout is extremely important to your visitor's experience.

Take the upfront time to study website layouts you like, and note the aspects you don't like. Simple, clean and easy to read are key attributes to a successful Website Layout.

Website Layout Tips and Suggestions

Plan Your Website - Summary

We have simplified the process for planning your website. You will need to spend time with each of these areas in order to effectively plan your website. The main concepts are:

You can and should take as much time as necessary on each step. The time you invest now will make the building process much easier.

This planning process is the foundation of your website, and ultimately responsible for a large part of your website's success. Take the necessary time to plan your site. Utilize free web resources to determine niche, proper keywords, etc.

When you start building your website, you'll be thankful that you took the time to plan your website effectively, as it will make your build out much simpler.

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