Squidoo Marketing

Tactics, Tips and Techniques

Squidoo Marketing tactics can be a small but critical aspect of your internet marketing plan. A Squidoo lense can have a very positive impact on Search Engines. Very often, a well-constructed Squidoo lense will result in top 5 search results for carefully selected keywords. This in turn can result in additional traffic to your site.

Some Squidoo Marketing tips are listed below:

1. Like your website, your content should be valuable and of high quality.

2. The longer you're on Squidoo, the better your reputation. Remember it takes a while to become established.

3. Add your lenses to Squidoo groups. Pick your groups carefully.

4. Try to get "gold stars" for your lenses. This indicates you're the best of the best.

5. Max your lenses for optimum exposure. Simply check this option on the edit pages of your lenses for the maximum view and exposure.

6. Make sure you put time and effort into your Squidoo lense. a Polished page gets more results.

7. Feel free to openly promote your business or website.

8. Title your lenses effectively and use keywords to gain attention.

9. Make your introduction interesting and helpful, so that visitors will want to read more.

10. You can setup multiple lenses for multiple keyword phrases - this is recommended.

11. Use the forum to get advice, and to promote your knowledge and credibility.

12. The "Squidcast" feature lets you promote your lenses, so definitely use this to your advantage.

13. Make sure all of your links work. Broken links will give your visitors a negative impression.

14. Add a table of contents to your Squidoo lense - visitors like them.

15. Use Twitter to promote your lenses.