Learn How to Validate Your Website Concept

It is very important that you validate your website concept before you begin building.

The main reason to validate your concept is to see if there is demand or interest in your topic. Once you've determined that there is demand, then you can feel comfortable that your site has the potential to be monetized, or profitable.

There are a few quick and easy processes that will help you validate your website concept by looking at keyword searches.

Determine Keyword Search Demand

A keyword is a term or important group of terms associated with your website. Keywords are the terms that visitors type into search engines to help them find a relevant website.

Your goal is to have people type keywords into search engines, and ultimately end up on your website. To put it another way, if people are searching for your keywords, then there is demand for your website's concept or theme.

Before you jump into building your own website, it is important to understand the demand associated with your website idea.

One simple way to see if there is demand, is to look at keywords, and how many people are searching for them. Again, generally speaking, the more searches, the more demand.

There are many Keyword Resources available to help you. They will not only give you search volume results, but also other keywords related to your concept, which will further validate your website concept.

We'll include some of the better ones with summaries below.

Keyword Demand Tools

Google's Keyword Tool This free keyword tool will allow you to type in one, or many keywords.

It's results are based on keyword searches performed from Google, and does not take into consideration all other search engines. This tool supplies you with a lot of information - mainly for the benefit of Google's Adwords users, but nevertheless helpful:

  • Advertiser Competition - Indicates the level of competition for a given keyword
  • Local Search Volume - Number of searches for given month in your country
  • Avg CPC - Shows average cost per click - an indicator of demand also
  • Search Volume Trends - Search trends for keyword over 1 year's time period
Wordtracker FREE Keyword Tool Wordtracker's free keyword tool will return up to 100 keywordsrelated to your keyword. Wordtracker uses it's own formula to determine number of searches, which includes more search engines than just Google. Thus, your results will be different than those found on Google's Keyword Tool.

Wordtracker also has a paid service which will allow you to perform extensive keyword research. This extra service is not necessary to help you define your website, but could prove to be very valuable when you begin to build your website's content.

Trellian Keyword Discovery Tool Trellian's Free Keyword Tool also collects data from numerous search engines, and thus provides a more comprehensive listing of Keyword Demand, than just Google Searches.

Similar to Wordtracker, Trellian also offers other paid Keyword and SEO services which can assist you when you build your website content.

Validate Your Website Concept - Summary

If you've used some of the tools, and have found that there is demand for your keywords, then you should feel comfortable knowing that people want what you have to offer.

Realize, however that this is just a general indicator of demand. There is still work to do to further hone your concept, and determine the best keywords to use - which will give you the greatest chance to be found by the search engines.

If you feel there is nothing more to do to validate your website concept, then you're now ready to think about your website layout.

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