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Writing website marketing articles is a great way to start the snowball rolling for your inbound targeted traffic. Its effective, and its free.

If you're not familiar with website article submission, the concept is pretty simple. You write, or pay someone to write authoritative articles (300-1000 words), and you submit them to an online article website for publication. You are usually allowed to provide 1-2 "self-serving" links, which you use to create inbound links to your website.

Each article site has different rules, and most are very strict about enforcing them; especially their self-promotional rules. Nevertheless, if you abide by their guidelines, and provide a content-rich and valuable article, most will publish your works.

Publishing website marketing articles is a great way to jump start your site's traffic. Article submission should be an integral part of your website's marketing plan.

Why Should You Submit Articles?

Website promotion articles are valuable for a couple of reasons. First of all, they create inbound links to your website - from another reputable and credible site. Credible inbound links are an important factor in Search Engine Optimization. The more the better.

Secondly, marketing articles generate traffic to your site. More specifically, they create targeted and presold traffic, if you've effectively used great content, and relevant keywords. This is a key factor to the success of your site as well.

Website promotion articles also perform a more subtle benefit. They build credibility for you and they "pre-sell" your visitor. If visitors like what they read in your article, and are willing to click on your link to learn more, then they have already decided that "they want what you have to offer."

Most links are in your "Resource Box" at the bottom of the page. So in order to get to your link, they've made it through your article, and thus have shown interest.

Lastly, website marketing articles have another positive effect that you might not be aware of...they get found by the Search Engines. Be sure to write your article based on a keyword. You should construct your article just like a page on your website - with the search engines in mind. This interprets into even more potential targeted traffic for you.

If article submission is not part of your marketing toolkit, it should be. Start today. Just like Directory listings, you should post your articles on sites with high Page Rankings.

Did you know that ROI on article submissions is infinite?

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