Generating Website Ideas

So you want to build a website, but you feel that you have no worthy website ideas.

Believe it or not, you are already in a position to create a great website that others want to come to. Believe it.

Everyone has a special interest, hobbies, or body of knowledge that other people are interested in. Ask yourself - Are there already people searching for info about my idea on the internet? If you answered yes, then your website concept is worthy.

Do you have a passion for something, or are you an expert in a specific area? Perhaps you do something everyday, and know this task inside and out - like parenting, cooking or small engine repair. Chances are there is something that "you've forgotten more about than others will ever know." Ideas for your website surround you - you just need to become aware of them.If you need some help generating more website ideas, ask yourself a couple of questions:

  • What do you like to talk about?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • Have you become good at something, and can help others with it?
  • Do you know how to make a product or process better?
  • Have you created a new product that could help others?
  • Is there a product or service you believe in and want to promote?
  • Do you want to find a product or products to sell?

Ideally, your website should be about a topic you love, and will enjoy writing content about. Passion and genuine interest in a topic will shine through, and will help you build a credible website that others will want to visit.

What is the Purpose of Your Website?

You should decide who your audience is and what you want to offer them.

For simplistic reasons, we will divide all websites into two types:

  • Informational
  • Selling

While there are many subsets and variations, such as blogs, forums, etc., we will assume that your idea fits into one of these two primary categories.

Your website concept is either informational, with a potentially small portion that deals with selling, or vice versa.

Obviously, if your website idea deals with selling something, then you expect to generate revenues. It is important however that you realize that you can make money from your informational site also.

Still Need Some Help?

If you still don't have an idea for your website, but really want to create a site, try searching the web for ideas, or ask your kids, spouse or friends. Take 15 minutes to brainstorm, look through old books, or think about old interests you had as a kid.

Is there a product that you really believe in, and would love to sell? Affiliate Programs allow you to do just that. There are thousands of companies that will pay you part of their profits for each sale you make.

Here is a quick list of some website ideas that I just threw together so that you can get an feel for what's already out there on the web.

  • Insider Secrets for Stock Options
  • Online interviews about living without fear
  • Articles about creating podcasts
  • Tips for finding cheap flights
  • DVD's about soccer
  • Guide to meditation
  • Articles on how to build clocks
  • How to win the lottery - let me know if you create this site, I want to visit :)
  • Learn to fly ultralite airplanes
  • Fishing the Yellow Breeches - My fly Selections
  • The Herb Warehouse

As you can see this list is quite diverse, and includes website ideas from simple to complex, niche market to broad. There really is no limit to the number of available ideas you can choose.

Once you think you have a website idea that you feel there is a demand for, then you need to validate your idea(s).

Determine if people want what you have to offer.

Determine Keyword Demand for Your Website Idea

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