YouTube Marketing

Tactics, Tips and Techniques

YouTube Marketing, may not be a term that you're familiar with - YouTube might not be the first Social Media channel that comes to mind when you think of marketing, it could be your most powerful.

The potential to become truly viral is a reality with a YouTube video. Going viral means it's distribution becomes exponential, and literally millions of viewers will see the video. To have a marketing campaign go viral would be the ultimate internet marketing accomplishment and it will have dramatic effects on your sales.

Your YouTube Marketing video doesn't have to be you sitting in front of your fireplace telling everyone how great your website is, or why people should buy "Gramma's Best Barbeque" sauce.

There are many other YouTube tactics that can be employed to promote your website:

1. Create professional videos, giving thought to lighting, sound, and setting.

2. Post links to your videos on as many sites as possible - Digg, Twitter, etc.

3. Embed your logo and website URL in your video.

4. Keep your video resolution as high as possible.

5. Use a high-quality camera - if you don't want to buy one just for this video, consider hiring a professional.

6. Try to have fun - make it interesting, or even humorous.

7. Create a video series with "hooks" that will create a need for your viewers to see the next video.

8. Do more than just talking. People would rather see some action, movement, etc.

9. Limit your videos to a couple of minutes.

10. Create a catchy Title that incorporates some of your important keywords. Also include your keywords in the description.

11. Include the word "title" in your Title, as most people include it when searching.

12. Write a script and practice before recording.

13. You can delete comments, so check back, and consider deleting the negative comments.

14. Create a YouTube Channel and Profile for your visitors to see all of your videos.

15. Watch other videos to learn how they promote their business.

Not comfortable making a YouTube marketing video of yourself? Consider others who might be willing to do it for you.

Creating a video that goes viral will probably never happen. However, the other benefits of posting a video are achievable. Your video will reach prospective visitors, but perhaps even more important, it will increase your Search Engine Rankings.

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